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We are a group of parents with school-going children. We deal with schools and teachers, and understand the challenges a school face, especially when it comes to teachers. As primary caregivers, we know the importance of how a properly cooked hot meal can recharge and motivate.


We are made up of entrepreneurs in the food and manufacturing industry. We are constantly innovating, coming out with precise solutions that allows us to deliver fresh and hot meals to you- cooked on site.

We plan menus for childcare and care homes for their meal requirements

We work with chefs and nutritionists to design the peculiar needs of the client.

We train, supply and manage dedicated cooks on premises.

Nothing beats a home-made meal. At CookOnSite, we hope to provide the next best thing. Fresh, Hot and quality meals wherever you're at.

About Us

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Who are we?

What we do

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Made with care

Each meal is given every bit of love and attention, as they are attended to by a dedicated cook.

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Quality Ingredients

We use quality ingredient in all our food. Depending on the client's needs, our ingredients can be Halal certified  and Healthier Choice labeled if required

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Set a date 

Email or call us to discuss and get a quotation for your business to business catering needs

OnSite Setup

We will send an experienced chef to ensure a hot and valuable meal to be whipped up


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